Luciana Fernandes

Luciana received the 2011 Canada Games Young Artist of Excellence Award in 2016. She completed her undergrad at Dalhousie University, then relocated to British Columbia to pursue her MFA in directing at UBC.


Luciana returned to Halifax in 2018 to participate in Neptune Theatre’s Chrysalis Project, which provides practical experience and mentorship to emerging theatre artists.

Devin Huang

Devin began playing piano in 2013 at the age of seven, and has won both awards and competitions since then.


He was the 2017 recipient of the first ever Gordon Murray rising Star Award, and one of the winners of the 2017/18 Chebucto Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition, an honour which gave him the opportunity to perform with the Orchestra in the spring of 2018.

Ian Parsons

Ian received Talent Trust scholarships to pursue studies in dance. He trained at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts in Halifax, then attended Canada’s National Ballet School.


Ian began teaching ballet after touring with CATS in 2013, and relocated from London, UK back to Canada three years later. 

Charley Young

Born in Alberta, Charley moved to Nova Scotia to pursue her BFA at NSCAD University. She received the Charlotte Wilson-Hammond/Visual Arts Nova Scotia Award and the Lieutenant Governor Award. 


Charley is a practing artist who teaches drawing and printmaking at NSCAD University and Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.

Lee Yuen-Rapati

Lee received the Talent Trust 2011 Canada Games Award in 2017, the year he began the MA Typeface Design program at the University of Reading in the UK, which is considered by many in the design industry as the best in the world. 


He completed his Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Design at NSCAD University, where he taught as a guest lecturer for two years prior to beginning his MA.

Shanice Skinner

Shanice, a soprano born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance in 2017.


Shanice was Nova Scotia’s alto selection for the 2014 National Youth Choir, and soprano for the 2016 National Youth Choir tour in Alberta. She won the Talent Trust Portia White award in 2016, and received a scholarship in 2018 to continue her voice studies.

Board of Directors and Staff

His Honour, The Honourable Arthur J. LeBlanc, ONS, QC, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Honorary Chair 

“Nova Scotia is fortunate to have the Nova Scotia Talent Trust support the many emerging artists who wish to pursue a professional career in the arts. With the backing of the NSTT, these fledgling artists will soon enrich our lives and contribute to Nova Scotia’s wonderful arts scene. To that end, I am truly honoured and delighted to serve as the Honorary Chair of the NSTT.”

Adrian Hoffman, Acting Chair

"I’ve had a long association with the Nova Scotia Talent Trust: as a Scholarship Selection Committee member in the 1980, a founding Board member in the 1990 and as the Chair of the NSTT Board from 2008 - 2018. It’s a wonderful way of staying in touch with the fine arts in Nova Scotia and a delight to see aspiring artists in all disciplines succeed in realizing their artistic dreams."

Victoria Hines, Vice Chair

“The world recognizes the “struggle of an artist” exists….but few step in to do something about it. I couldn’t wait to get involved when I learned about the mandate and work of the Nova Scotia Talent Trust. Music and art surrounds all of our lives, every person, every location, sometimes without us even being aware of it. We are one healthy Province because of the Artists that make life a little more beautiful with their talent. Thank you, NSTT!”

Natalie Wells, Treasurer

"As a proud Nova Scotian, I recognize the importance of both sustaining and enhancing our arts communities. The Nova Scotia Talent Trust has been instrumental in providing much needed financial support to emerging artists for over 75 years and has truly helped contribute to the growth of Nova Scotia’s arts scene.

I am delighted to be on the NSTT Board and to continue its mandate to help emerging Nova Scotian artists in achieving professional careers in the arts."

CPA at N.J. Wells Inc.

Breagh MacKinnon, Secretary

"As a recent recipient, I’m proud to say the Nova Scotia Talent Trust played an important role in supporting me as I finished my Bachelor of Music from St. Francis Xavier University, and embarked on my career as a professional musician. I have seen firsthand the impact that this organization can have on emerging artists. I am honoured to join the board, and look forward to engaging both new artists and NSTT alumni who continue to contribute to the thriving creative community in Nova Scotia."

Pamela Ritchie, Development Chair

“Having had the pleasure of being associated with the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, both as a juror and much earlier as a scholarship recipient, I have had the opportunity to see first hand the amazing results of the work of this distinctive charity. It has made a real difference in the lives of emerging artists, which in turn has significantly added to the cultural growth of Nova Scotia. By serving on the NSTT Board I hope to play a small part in the evolution of this outstanding organization.”

Wallace Smith Jr., Director

"As the Father of a past recipient of the NSTT scholarship fund it gives me great delight to become a member of its board. I’m extremely excited to contribute in any way to help cultivate its ongoing commitment to ensure that exceptional talent is not only recognized but supported, and that its rich established history continues to assist our thriving Nova Scotian talent."

Wallace Smith

Susan Hanrahan, Director

“The right support at the right time can make a huge difference to an artist’s career. Not only does the Nova Scotia Talent Trust contribute financial assistance through scholarships and awards, it also provides the critical validation and encouragement so necessary to the growth and development of all
artists. For more than 75 years, the NSTT has made significant contributions to the well-being of our provincial cultural community. I am honoured to serve on the NSTT Board as it continues this vital work.”


Michelle Lahey, Director

"The Nova Scotia Talent Trust's mission is integral in ensuring the continued vibrancy of Nova Scotia's arts community. By supporting emerging artists with important financial assistance, the Trust directly impacts the province's cultural landscape and fosters the growth of its creative industries. I am delighted to help advance this vital work as a board member."

The Honourable Myra A. Freeman, Honorary Lifetime Director

Janice Merritt Flemming, Honorary Lifetime Director

"I was happy to support the NSTT over the years to enable young people to follow their dreams and to gain the experience, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed."

Timothy C. Matthews, Honorary Lifetime Director

Robert Geraghty, Honorary Lifetime Director

Barbara Butler, Honorary Lifetime Director

"There is no greater goal than to support and encourage our young artists in their fields of study. The Nova Scotia Talent Trust in its 75 year history has provided a nurturing foundation upon which so many gifted young Nova Scotia artists have found their voices. It is a joy and privilege to serve on the board of the NSTT as you continue this important work."

Barbara Butler

Ninette Babineau, Honorary Lifetime Director

"Through varying roles, I have enjoyed a long association with Nova Scotia Talent Trust and have watched with delight as it has developed into a significant support organization for our young and emerging artists.  The range of fields of endeavour has continued to expand to meet the demands of the continuing and changing world of today’s artist.

We enjoy the presence of hard working and talented young people in this province who are contributing to the cultural life of their respective communities.  Many are preparing for a life in the arts under the guidance of dedicated teachers and mentors. They deserve our support. I am pleased and honoured to have been invited to join the Board once again."

Ninette Babineau

Charlotte Wilson-Hammond, RCA, Honorary Lifetime Director

"As a long time supporter of the Nova Scotia Talent Trust I still feel as committed, if not more so to the work that is done by the NSTT, to foster and support the incredible talent that we have in Nova Scotia is a joy and to work with our amazing Board and Staff to this end is very gratifying. It feels like we make a difference!"

Alexander (Ted) Fraser, Honorary Lifetime Director

(no image)

Andrea Urquhart, Executive Director

“I am thrilled to be joining the Nova Scotia Talent Trust and looking forward to leading this amazing organization to meet and exceed its goals for growth. I feel deeply connected to the Arts, having studied piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music in my younger years and seeing my sister develop and grow her career as a professional artist in the fields of Visual Arts and Theatre. Having worked in the non-profit sector throughout my entire career, I understand the challenges and barriers that can prevent emerging artists from pursuing their dreams. Support from an organization such as NSTT not only provides a level of financial relief but also a vote of confidence that can make all the difference in an artist’s path to success.”


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